Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk
Web-Site Research Interests: Search and Rescue Robots, Underwater Robotics,  Simultaneous Localization & Mapping  (SLAM), Artificial Intelligence, Hardware Design

Francesco Maurelli
Prof. Dr. Francesco Maurelli
Web-Site Research Interests: Marine Robotics

Szymon Krupinski
Dr. Szymon Krupinski (postdoc Prof. Maurelli)
Web-Site Research Interests: Autonomous underwater vehicles, mission management and fault detection, sensor fusion and control systems

Dr. P.D. Mathias Bode
Web-Site Research Interests: Dynamical Systems, Neural Networks, Signal Processing, Optimization, Control Systems

Dr. Fangning Hu
Web-Site Research Interests:  Coding Theory, Digital Communication Systems, FPGA, Embedded Systems, LDPC Codes, OFDM Communication Systems.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Jaeger
Web-Site Research Interests: Machine Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, Modular Neural Information Processing Systems, Agent Architectures

Prof. Dr. Kaustubh Pathak
Left Jacobs University Jan. 2018. Research Interests: Control Systems, Computer Vision, 3D SLAM, Bayesian Methods in Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Software Engineering.

Former program-coordinator of Sept. IMS 2015 – 2017.

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu
Web-Site Research Interests: Communication Theory, Statistical Modeling of Wireless Channels, UWB and Low Power Communications, Random Matrix Theory for Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sensing, Space-time Coding, Random Networks and Stochastic Geometry, Wireless Security, Wireless Localization and Tracking

Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver
Web-Site Research Interests: Optimization, Numerical Analysis, Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Partial Differential Equations