In case your question is not addressed below, please send an email to the program coordinator.

  1. I am a first year student and would like to change my major to IMS.
    • During the O’week, students can change their major without needing any signatures: please contact the registrar’s office. If you decide to change after this, please fill in the change of major form available at the Registrar’s website, obtain the required signatures, and submit it to the registrar. Of course, for this to work, you should be currently taking the first year IMS CHOICE module.
  2. What career prospects will I have in the industry?
    • Germany is world-renowned for its Automation industry (Siemens, Bosch, EDAG, …) and several well-known automobile companies (VW, Daimler-Benz, BMW…) also originated here. Additionally, Germany boasts of several industrial robotics (KUKA, ABB, …) and sensors/vision (SICK, FARO, Technicolor Germany, Metaio, …) related companies. Even companies like Google and Microsoft do research in areas such as Computer Vision and Self-Driving Cars.
    • Typically, if you search for keywords such as “Automation”, “Robotics”, “Vision”, “Machine Learning”, etc on popular German job-sites such as stepstone or monster, you will get hundreds of entry-level and internship positions. Doing an internship (5th semester) in a company is a great way to obtain experience and make connections which may help you land a job-offer. Although companies welcome international students, basic knowledge of German – which you acquire in the Jacobs track language courses – is definitely a plus.
    • In IMS, you will also gain sufficient skills in programming and software to be able to apply to the pool of general software jobs.
    • The IMS faculty maintains contacts with industry partners. Contact the faculty in the area of your interest to obtain guidance.
  3. What career prospects will I have in academia?
    • The knowledge and skills that you acquire in IMS in the areas of Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Control Systems are highly attractive if you want to pursue Masters and doctoral studies after graduation.
    • Please contact the IMS faculty in the area of your interest and they will be happy to guide you further. Typically, there are field specific email lists on which funded graduate study positions are posted frequently.
    • Many of the IMS faculty have DFG or EU funding for research projects. If you have excellent grades, do not hesitate to contact the faculty in the area of your interest: they may be able to offer you a funded Integrated PhD position.